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Yes We Did It Again… MaemoVista at BerryReview

When it comes to BlackBerry themes, I don’t think there is any theme designer to push more themes out than the Indonesian developer IDBERRY. One of their more recent themes, MaemoVista is all scenic backgrounds and Windows styled icons.

I haven’t actually tested this theme out for myself but going by the screen shots, it looks slick. I do know there is a video you can watch at our store link, that should give you a better idea of how it works. In the meantime, you might want to check out some of IDBERRY’s free themes at their blog.

MaemoVista (a little higher priced than some of their other themes) is available for a variety of BlackBerry devices at our Berryreview Store.

This theme was created by Budy Prasetyo @budy_jave


New ‘A la Carte’ Theme – Select Your Own Home Screen Icon Set!, March 4, 2010 (read the article)

Don’t let the simple look of this theme mislead you. There’s more to it than beats the eye. A la Carte, the latest theme creation to break out of the Idberry labs is simple in looks but oh so unique in design. Why? Well, on the home screen (wallpaper is customizable) you have a bottom dock of (6) static icons; messages, contacts, calendar, media, browser and sms. But with a scroll of the trackball, you can change those icons into 10 different options; Android, OSX, Windows, PSP & X-Box just to name a few (see below for a sampling). The 7th icon spot is clear but allows you to scroll thru more of app screen icons.

New BLACK! Theme from IdBerry – 30 Free Copies!, November 16, 2009 (read the article)

The folks at idberry have been pumping out themes like crazy. One of their latest, Black!, uses all the latest fade in/fade out menu features while keeping to its slick, rich style. I tested the Bold version and while IMO the fade out menu feature seems to slow the theme up a bit, the theme itself ran really well. To get the full effect, check the video out above.

Customized Album Berry Theme from idberry, August 5, 2009 (read the article)

Deddy from idberry themes has amped up his theme concepts with this latest called, Album Berry.

Basically, how it works is you send them (5) personal images you want to have on your theme and idberry puts them in the theme for you similar to the above screen shot. I chose some family pics and the result is this totally personalized and awesome theme! Now, details are a bit tricky, so listen in. The way to order this theme is to go directly from your BlackBerry browser to – from there you can view the theme description and also purchase information. Note that Album Berry personalized theme costs $15.00 (and from what I can tell available for all BlackBerry devices) which you can purchase via Paypal right from your Berry. In turn, you’ll get an OTA & ZIP file of the theme within 2-7 working days. All the details are there at the above link; how to order, how and where to send in your pics, etc. Just read all of the information before ordering just to make sure you’re on board with everything.

Free Komodo Theme from idberry!, July 28, 2009 (read the article)

New ‘CockPit’ Theme from idberry, July 8, 2009 (read the article)

More New, Premium Themes from idberry…MacBerry, Lakers & Ferrari, June 16, 2009 (read the article)

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