#ODW5 : We did it again… and again…

Our One Day Workshop, or so called #ODW5, was successfully organized last Saturday, May 8 2010 at Bloeming Cafe FX Senayan. We had a great crowd, eager to learn not only how to make BlackBerry themes but also its business aspects and overview of the whole platform.
Deddy dadberry Avianto opened the show with a clear presentation of IDBERRY, the philosophy, achievements and also roadmap. Not only in local or regional level, IDBERRY was also exposed in last BlackBerry Summit at Orlando!
In the second session, Johan Kremer, Sr Alliance Manager SEA, explained in detail about alliances programs and App World 2.0 in his presentation : Monetization on BlackBerry Platform (download here). Then David Lim, Technical Partnership Manager Asia Pacific, presented the technical part : BlackBerry Development In a Nutshell (download here). While Niki Kennedy, ANZ Head of Alliances, told some tips and cases in Australia.
The classroom started right after lunch. Dadberry showed in detail step by step how to make the famous BMW BlackBerry themes, that can be done by everyone in only minutes of Live-Learning methode.
We also had the honor to have Edi Taslim (Kompas.com), Oon Arfiandwi & Titi Rusdi (7langit), Ronald Ishak (Domikado) and Rico (Narada.com), Azis & Eri (Pantaumaya) coming to this event.
Thanks to all IDBERRY family to make this event so successful!


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