Me & BlackBerry : If someday my kids ask me…

What do really do with your BlackBerry thingy and your notebook all this time? Why you don’t go to the office like mom, or like anybody else?
* are you a BlackBerry expert? Surely not dear, i’m just a regular user. Need it for emails, instant messaging and sometimes for browsing. It happens that i sometimes upgrade OS, help troubleshooting when my friends ask me to
* are you an application developer? Wow, you’re overrating me dear. My best friend once told me that i need 7 extra years (at least) to learn how to become one. If you’re interested, you still can do it. I’m well too old for that :). I just know how to make some fancy BlackBerry themes.
* so, i can assume that you’re a BlackBerry theme creator. Is it right dad? Mmm… Well, i did some, sold some but i’m not claiming to be a creator.

Should i tell them the truth?
That i’m spending most of my time for browsing, twitting around, updating my FB, Koprol and all those social media thingy, not to mention posting and replying hundreds of emails. I just make some themes when i got inspired, just a few times in a month, not so productive for a creator. What i do most is keep telling my friends about my dreams and try to convince them to share them. I’m just a simple believer!


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