ODW2 at D’Palm – Bandung

Our 2nd ODW at D’Palm Restaurant, Bandung, on November 6, 2009, was even greater! Research in Motion and all BlackBerry Carriers supported this event and we also had a very special speaker, Danny Oei, representing Kaskus.

Johan Kremer, Head of Alliances for SEA,RIM
Hi Deddy and all of the idberry founding/supporting members,
It was a pleasure to participate and see such a dynamism amongst the Indonesian BlackBerry community. It is by far the only “For Developers By Developers” event I ever seen in SEA and David also indicated that in rest of APAC is not as exciting as in Indonesia. Just underlining the vibrant community driven interest in BlackBerry technology.
We hope that we can keep the momentum going and look forward to a fruitful continuation of your initiatives and our collaboration.
Look forward to meet with you all the next event if not in Jakarta.
Majulah BlackBerry!!!

David Lim, Technical Partnership Manager APAC, RIM
Hi Daddy et all,
I was so excited to attend this event and it is really a “wow” to me when seeing what you guys have done so far.
Both Johan and I feel the passion of you guys and are both shocked by seeing what a local community is able to achieve by collaboration!
Tell you a little good news here, from the latest statistics internally, Indonesia is now the 2nd place in the world in terms of developer tools download, just lagging behind the US…. You guys really rock! 🙂

Faizal Adiputra, Axis
Dear IDBerry Team,
It’s our pleasure to be part of that great event. We believed that it’s only a start for a long wonderful journey, not only for Themes Developer, but also for any Application Developer in Indonesia. And someday, we will be proud of that.
We believed in the future we can create that kind of event to stimulate a local developer to be more aggressive and more creative. As the tag line of ID Berry, let’s “create – share – collaborate” in the next event.
Salute for IDBerry Team …
Viva BlackBerry Indonesia …

Agung Wijanarko, Indosat
Dear Pak Berry,
We are glad to participate in the dynamic idberry event. Hope Indosat will always be invited to be part of the next collaboration event wherever in this beloved hottest country of BlackBerry business J in Asia and the world.

Handono Warih, XL Axiata
Seluruh Pengguna XL mengucapkan selamat atas sukses nya acara tsb. semoga membawa manfaat buat pelanggan XL BlackBerry yang berjumlah lebih dari 220K untuk bisa menikmati hasil karya idBerry.
Kita bangga menjadi bagian dari suksesnya teman2 semua.
Happy selling all

Danny Oei Wirianto, Kaskus
Dear Deddy and All friends,
On behalf of Kaskus We would like to stay thanks and is an honor for us to be invited. Personally I am very thankful and flatter to be stand with great person like you all. Hope we can keep in touch and always become a good friend.
Thanks once again and have a wonderful day

Deddy Avianto, idberry
Dear Sirs,
I would like to personally, and on behalf of all idberry family, thank you all for joining the One Day Workshop #2.
Your presence was the greatest appreciations to all theme developers in general, and also to our community. It’s a milestone for us.
Your comments, remarks and presentations gave us enlightenment and motivation. It surely will boost our creativity and productivity. It’s like telling us “Hey, you are the ONE that can do SOMETHING!”.
Your supports were even beyond our expectations, we’re so honored. So proud to have the chance to collaborate with you all.
We’d also like to apologize if, during the preparation and the execution, there might be some left-behinds, some imperfections.


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