Customized Album Berry Theme from idberry, August 5, 2009 (read the article)

Deddy from idberry themes has amped up his theme concepts with this latest called, Album Berry.

Basically, how it works is you send them (5) personal images you want to have on your theme and idberry puts them in the theme for you similar to the above screen shot. I chose some family pics and the result is this totally personalized and awesome theme! Now, details are a bit tricky, so listen in. The way to order this theme is to go directly from your BlackBerry browser to – from there you can view the theme description and also purchase information. Note that Album Berry personalized theme costs $15.00 (and from what I can tell available for all BlackBerry devices) which you can purchase via Paypal right from your Berry. In turn, you’ll get an OTA & ZIP file of the theme within 2-7 working days. All the details are there at the above link; how to order, how and where to send in your pics, etc. Just read all of the information before ordering just to make sure you’re on board with everything.


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